BitSwan for Telco
The real-time stream analyzer detects anomalies and automates routine jobs in your network

Increase network efficiency

BitSwan carries out a continuous real-time correlation and evaluation of signaling events such as: S1, S6A, MAP, IuCS, IuPS, ISUP, SGS, ADR, Gb, DPI logs ... Based on this data, the network optimizes its behaviour to maximize your use of available resources.

Improve service quality

BitSwan detects anomalies on all available data sources from the network. Consequently, it can predict service interruption before it happens, and solve connectivity issues before they reach your customer.

Reduce capital investment

BitSwan combines data from customer systems and network performance metrics. This allows you to pinpoint the most crucial geographical areas for investment, based on customer experience.

"We save tens of thousands of euros per month by using an automatic configuration of SIM cards. This, thanks to BitSwan's real-time data analysis of our mobile network."
Juraj Eliáš
Chief Technology Officer

How BitSwan works

BitSwan gathers data from multiple data sources and provides the user with a unique insight.

It analyzes all events and detects the required patterns or specific behavior in real time.

Based on the result of the analysis, it triggers out actions that yield significant benefit to an organization.

Great platform properties


Ride the new wave of software development.

BitSwan is written in Python 3 so it utilises asynchronous processing and popular machine learning libraries.


Don’t get locked in.

A core part of the platform is released as open-source, allowing developers to build upon their own applications.


Trigger actions right now.

BitSwan processes data in real time as it occurs. It is designed to handle the most challenging real-time tasks.


Don’t put limits on your growth.

Thanks to the internal container architecture, new components can be quickly added to increase computational power.


Keep your hands on your data.

Internal control mechanisms carefully monitor the entire platform and real-time processing of data.


Shelter your data.

Both the entire system and its individual components are enclosed in a powerful security perimeter.


Correlate data superfast.

BitSwan performs real-time analysis, not just over one stream of data, but above all available streams in parallel.


Fully utilize your infrastructure.

The container architecture allows you to install BitSwan on any type of infrastructure (on-site server, private cloud or public cloud).


Protocols and data sources

Signaling protocols
  • S1
  • S6A
  • MAP
  • luCS
  • luPS
  • SGS
  • ADR
  • Gb
Network protocols
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • HTTP
  • Cisco NetFlow
  • PCAP
Call and data records
  • Voice CDR, Data XDR
  • TR69
  • SIP / VoLTE
  • SBR / Radius
  • DPI data
    Messaging platforms
    • Kafka
    • RabbitMQ
    Telco enterprise systems
    • CRM
    • Billing
    • Trouble ticket systems
    • Umbrella management systems
    • Fault management systems
    • Network inventory
    Service logs
    • IPTV / syslogs
    • IPTV / peoplemeter
    • IPTV / OTT
    • Mobile Drive Tests


  • Elastisearch
  • Kibana
  • Grafana
  • Hadoop
  • Web API

Analytic Features

Creating and monitoring metrics
  • custom metrics
  • ASR
  • NER
Detecting patterns and anomalies
  • Outliers
  • Dynamic ranging
  • Drop to zero
  • Pattern recognizing
Classification and clustering
  • Time window
  • Session window
  • Dimensions
Big Data integration
  • Parquet files
  • Technical data mediation
Monitoring and validation
  • Throughput
  • Duty cycle
  • Time drift
  • Error ratio
Real-time data enrichment
  • Dimensions
  • Enterprise systems
  • External data
  • Time
  • Lat / Lon
  • MCC
  • MNC
  • Cell
  • Direction
  • Layer
  • Site
  • OPC / DPC
  • IMSI
  • TAC
  • Vendor
  • Product


  • Elastisearch
  • Kibana
  • Grafana
  • Hadoop
  • Web API

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