Prevent outages.
Gain new insight into data.
Revolutionise your network.

BitSwan gathers data from multiple sources and synthesises this information in unique ways to provide the Network Operator with valuable insight. It analyses all events and detects specific behaviour patterns in real time, and then automatically triggers responses.

3 Unique features BitSwan delivers to you immediately

Reduces capital

By preventing outages and improving service quality, the costs are reduced and can be invested elsewhere.

Prevents outages

BitSwan predicts service interruptions by detecting anomalies and evaluating alarms in real-time.

Improves Service

BitSwan automatically identifies the exact root problem and solves connectivity issues before the customer is reached.

How it works

Network technologies are in a constant state of growth and innovation, and this pressures customer network operators to keep up with this increasing flow of data and its analysis. Therefore, the collection and evaluation of data in real-time is crucial to your network.

Enhance your Network Architecture with BitSwan real-time data analysis to ensure that you will keep pace with future innovations and provide the most up-to-date safeguards to stay in control of your network.

„For the first time in history, we have a platform where we see every bit of information, what our customers are doing and how they are consuming the content. Revolutionary.“

Jan Hruška, O2 CZ CTO

Use cases

Customer experience

Without real-time data analysis, operators are too often left with only generic stock remedies to customers’ complaints, such as "restart your smartphone" or "restart your set-top box".

This often leads to a frustrated and dissatisfied customer calling repeatedly for more specific problem-solving, and with extended call durations. Precisely what you want to avoid. If the root of an upstart problem is not identified from the general influx of customer calls, technicians miss the window of opportunity to solve this problem before it branches out to other customers. When this occurs, the spark from an individual complaint can quickly develop into "wildfires," and the consequence is that a critical number of specialists and managers spend inordinate amounts of time trying to put the fires out.

BitSwan provides the method for extinguishing these problems before they can build. Basically, here’s how BitSwan works:

  • It analyses all network data in real-time, and in doing so initiates investigations immediately after first symptoms occur;

  • It identifies unique problems and their sources;

  • It can then pinpoint potential network outages, and immediately alert customer service operators with this critical and specific information.

Network Operation Centre

Ever-emerging technologies can overwhelm Network Operation Centres new alarms as they work to detect localized problems.

What they need is a tool that provides them with a comprehensive contemporaneous overview of the latest service technologies.

BitSwan evaluates alarms in real-time and responds only to those that point to a root cause. When analysing alerts, it applies a correlation of events in context. It provides operators with a new generation tool, enhancing the legacy umbrella for management systems.

Network Operation

As customers sense a deterioration in service, they individually report such instances to Customer Service.

As Customer Service operators field this influx of calls, they tend to treat each call as though it were an isolated incident, without being able to see that there is likely a specific problem common to all. Network Operation specialists then lose valuable time by having to discreetly diagnose data from each call, waiting for a problem commonality to emerge.

With BitSwan, these commonalities are detected in real-time, and immediately forwarded to Network Operation Center specialists so that they initiate actual problem-solving. This greatly reduces response time and leads to much enhanced customer service. This feature is of even further value to Network Operation engineers because it helps them to prevent network outages.


With multiple support channels, such as mobile applications, Facebook or call centres, customers tend to switch support platforms somewhat arbitrarily, with the Call Centre often the last destination.

In such an instance, the call centre operator, unfortunately, does not have information about customer's prior attempts to solve the problems, and this can result in redundant detailed inquiries. Calls then become both lengthy and frustrating for both sides.

BitSwan mitigates this problem by creating an Omnichannel. It monitors all support channels, maps the entire customer journey, and detects repetitive customer calls to CC. BitSwan automatically notifies the CC operator that the calling customer has previously tried another support channel, but has failed to solve the problem. Through real-time operational reporting, Bitswan reduces unnecessary call time devoted to redundancies, and in doing so provides a better opportunity for customer's issue to be rectified in one efficient call.

Platform properties

Ride the new wave of software development. BitSwan is written in Python 3 so it utilises asynchronous processing and popular machine learning libraries.


Don’t get locked in. A core part of the platform is released as open-source, allowing developers to build upon their own applications.


Trigger actions right now. BitSwan processes data in real time as it occurs. It is designed to handle the most challenging real-time tasks.


Don’t put limits on your growth. Thanks to the internal container architecture, new components can be quickly added to increase computational power.


Keep your hands on your data. Internal control mechanisms carefully monitor the entire platform and real-time processing of data.


Shelter your data. Both the entire system and its individual components are enclosed in a powerful security perimeter.


Correlate data superfast. BitSwan performs real-time analysis, not just over one stream of data, but above all available streams in parallel.


Fully utilize your infrastructure. The container architecture allows you to install BitSwan on any type of infrastructure (on-site server, private cloud or public cloud).

Dynamically improve performance with BitSwan real-time data analyser to know what happens as it happens.

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Signaling protocols
  • S1
  • S6A
  • MAP
  • luCS
  • luPS
  • SGS
  • ADR
  • Gb
Network protocols
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • HTTP
  • Cisco NetFlow
  • PCAP
Call and data records
  • Voice CDR, Data XDR
  • TR69
  • SIP / VoLTE
  • SBR / Radius
  • DPI data
Messaging platforms
  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
Telco enterprise systems
  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Trouble ticket systems
  • Umbrella management systems
  • Fault management systems
  • Network inventory
Service logs
  • IPTV / syslogs
  • IPTV / peoplemeter
  • IPTV / OTT
  • Mobile Drive Tests
Creating and monitoring metrics
  • custom metrics
  • ASR
  • NER
Detecting patterns and anomalies
  • Outliers
  • Dynamic ranging
  • Drop to zero
  • Pattern recognizing
Classification and clustering
  • Time window
  • Session window
  • Dimensions
Big Data integration
  • Parquet files
  • Technical data mediation
Monitoring and validation
  • Throughput
  • Duty cycle
  • Time drift
  • Error ratio
Real-time data enrichment
  • Dimensions
  • Enterprise systems
  • External data
  • Time
  • Lat / Lon
  • MCC
  • MNC
  • Cell
  • Direction
  • Layer
  • Site
  • OPC / DPC
  • IMSI
  • TAC
  • Vendor
  • Product