React instantly to customer behavior and systems information critical to your business.
Capture vital data away from your storage and use it in real-time

1. Connect your database to BitSwan

2. BitSwan instantly converts data records to real-time events

3. Enjoy the benefits of real-time analytics

Detect problems as they occur.
Identify inconsistencies in records to guarantee data quality
Spontaneously create product catalogues or item lists directly from multiple data sources
Connect Machine Learning algorithms and learn from data
Share your data records with others through Kafka messaging system
“Real-time data processing enables organizations to react to situations immediately. In this competitive environment, when faced with mountains of data, it is a big advantage.”
Jana Kapr
Billigence CEO

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Benefits of our approach

We do not disrupt your databases, we capture only transactional logs

We work with your current infrastructure or with your favourite cloud provider

We consolidate information from all of your databases and show them together in real-time

We can implement BitSwan within days, using only your transactional logs