Transformation of
O2 Network
Operation Centre

The challenge for customer call centres is to keep up with the pace of adaptation to increasing complexity of rising technologies without deteriorating customer service. To tackle this successfully, O2 Czech Republic turned to real-time analysis of collected, yet untapped data. The reactive and scalable solution was delivered in just 5 months.


Improve customer

The goal was to handle the influx of unpredictable calls, effectively diagnose the problem during the call, shorten and divert the calls appropriately and preventively locate potential future issues.


of data evaluation

With deployment of BitSwan, we leveraged a complete customer understanding by analyzing multiple layers of data sources in real-time. We built a real-time data processing platform to get well-structured data and built a dashboard for CC agents to get a greater insight into the customers’ issues. All with sufficient capacity and speed.


call quality


Call time



"For the first time in history, we have a platform where we see every bit of information, what our customers are doing and how they are consuming the content. Revolutionary."

Jan Hruška - CTO O2 CZ

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