BitSwan deployed in O2 Slovakia

A British Swan has improved mobile network traffic.

O2 Slovakia has deployed a real-time data analyzer BitSwan on its mobile network and has saved tens of thousands of euros a month on operation thanks to data analysis results.

Czech-British startup LibertyAces implemented its real-time data analyzer BitSwan at the Slovak operator O2 Slovakia. In real time, it analyzed millions of events on the mobile network and identified the situations when the quality of service felt down. Thanks the fact BitSwan had located specific geographical areas with an inappropriate quality of services, the operator adjusted a configuration of base stations and improved the overall quality of mobile services. Return on investment into the pilot was five days.

"Thanks to BiSwan, we have all the detailed data records of our heterogeneous and multi vendor network in one place. We can quickly explore the causes of problems on the network and predict its behavior. We have gained visibility that we did not have before. BitSwan is a tool for constantly improving the network" says Juraj Elias, technical director of O2 Slovakia.

"We are enjoying cooperation with O2 SK, and we are delighted that from day one, the customer gets business benefits from using our system. Our goal is to help O2 Slovakia build a self-service mobile network where data on the quality of customer services control the behavior of the mobile network" says Ales Teska, partner of LibertyAces.

O2 Slovakia is a leading Slovak telecom operator providing voice and data services and an Internet connection.

LibertyAces is a Czech - British startup developing its software for business and industry, which this year introduced its real-time BiSwan analyzer.

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Tomas Dolezal

Tomas is partner of LibertyAces responsible for sales and marketing

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