Why TELCOs need real-time analytics in 2020

Why Telcos need real-time analytics in 2020

There is a problem in your network, and it is having a negative impact on your customers — yet, your system operators cannot detect it and make corrections before there are significant disruptions to service. Sounds familiar?

This is a common scenario, and it happens over and over because your system’s many data streams are not integrated. So information relating to customer experience comes to you in isolated bits and with delays in processing. Therefore, each customer complaint call is treated as an isolated incident rather than as a symptom of common failure. All this leads to network breakdowns and deterioration of customer service.

To use an old phrase: Your customer care operators cannot see the forest for all the trees. It would be better if they could see the common source of the fires immediately and extinguish them all in one action.

Integration, automation, enhanced analytics; all in real-time!

Our product, BitSwan platform, brings together all of your data sources in one place. From here, it detects and extracts previously unseen patterns in data flow and customer behavior as they occur, and then creates automated responses to rectify these problems and enhance customer service. Fast. Efficient. Self-improving. Cost-effective.

How Bitswan Works

The bulk of data from your network system is much like valuable ore that is left underground and unmined. Customer databases and even personal data devices contain loads of potentially valuable information. But dig deeper, and even more detectable and useable data is stored in places like signaling protocols, internet traffic routers, operating system logs, and trouble-ticket systems.

1.) Bitswan extracts all this data and funnels it into one place to both combine and extract new and useful data patterns, and thus create a much more complete picture of network operations. It even generates multi-dimensional snapshots of each discrete customer experience.

2.) Bitswan updates all of these data flows in real-time and then incorporates machine learning to create smarter algorithms that provide more accurate and predictable patterns of customer behavior.

3.) Thus, Bitswan anticipates and solves potential network problems before they pose a threat to operations.

What will you gain?

The advantages of Bitswan are concrete and quantifiable for both your network operators and end-users. Direct benefits include reductions in customer complaints, enhanced customer assistance and shortened call durations. Moreover, there is improved functionality across the whole system. Now, your forest is growing, well-maintained, and full of healthy trees.

Seems too good to be true? Give it a try!

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Published on January 13, 2018