BitSwan Features v2101

BitSwan Features v21.01, launched on 21st of April 2021

New features v21.01:

WinAPI module

  • Introduce WinAPI module with WinEventSource. It periodically reads Windows Events from the specified server and event type.
  • Usage in example

Timeseries prediction

  • Implemented TimeSeriesPredictor. Online data streaming, which collects the incoming data into time window and predicts next value using pretrained model .
  • Usage in example

BSPump Declarative language

  • Explicit compound key support
  • Add: Declaration error and DICT.PARSE - parse for key/value formats
  • Optimization of the !AND + !OR expressions

ElasticSearch connectivity

  • Performance improvements, also added permofance tests
  • Upload error callback to BSPump's ElasticSearch connection, uses the ES callback for all error items


  • Impelemented MongoDB Source
  • Usage in example


  • Implemented PostgreSQLLookup
  • Usage in example


  • Implemented FTP support
  • Usage in example

Others changes

  • Add SciKit learn example
  • Add TWA example
  • Add example of parsing of single Json with Processor

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