BitSwan Features v2006

BitSwan Features v20.06, launched on 18th of June 2020

New features v20.06:

Influx connection throttling

  • Throttling mechanism was introduced to the InfluxDB Connection, enabling it to become more fluent and reliable.

MySQL features

  • It is now possible to use the autocommit feature in MySQL connection's aiomysql.create_pool.
  • For more information on this feature, visit the official docs.
  • A new MySQL BinaryLogSource was added to extend the general MySQL module usability.

Integrity module

  • Integrity module is a new type of Processor, used for enriching JSON data with hashed events.
  • The data is encoded by JSON Web Token standards.
  • Usage of the new Processor is demonstrated in the example section (

Partition specification in the Kafka Source

  • It is now possible to specify topic partitions used by the Kafka Source, using configuration.
  • Partitions allow Kafka users to parallelize a topic by splitting the data in a particular topic across multiple brokers - each partition can be placed on a separate machine to allow for multiple consumers to read from a topic in parallel.


  • Implemented a HyperLogLog aggregation/approximation algorithm into the BSpump.
  • HyperLogLog is an algorithm for a count-distinct problem.
  • It is used to approximate the number of distinct elements in a multiset, which reduces computational load on large datasets.
  • An example using this new feature can be found in the examples section (

BSPump Declarative language

  • A huge new feature, that is primarily connected to the BSPump's
  • For the first time, users are able to build BSPump components (such as Pipelines), using declarative .yml configurations.
  • This whole new language is well documented and ready for use, while being extended and improved at the same time.
  • Several examples of this exciting new feature can be found in the examples section (bspump-declarative-*.py)

Windows Remote Management

  • Addition of a whole new source for Windows Remote Management, a SOAP based protocol enabling interoperation of various vendor's operating systems.
  • Usage is demonstrated in the examples (

Other changes

  • Fix in the subprocess source
  • Removed Elasticsearch connection retry option
  • Introduce changestream mechanic into the mongolookup
  • Add a new generator: Aggregator

  • Code refactoring

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