BitSwan Features v2003

BitSwan Features v20.03, launched on 16th of March 2020

New features v20.03:

Anomaly module

  • Anomaly module was introduced along with Anomaly object, AnomalyAnalyzer and AnomalyManager.
  • Anomaly modules serves to handle the lifecycle of anomalies linked to symptoms produced by analyzers.
  • Usage in bspump-anomaly example.
  • For more information, refer to the Data Analytics section in BitSwan documentation.

MySQL retryable errors

  • MySQLConnection and lookup does not stop the pipeline, when a retryable error occurs, which is defined in the connection.

InfluxDB retryable errors

  • InfluxDBConnection does not stop the pipeline when a retryable error occurs, if specified in the configuration.
  • The various error codes can be specified in the configuration as well.

SCRAM-SHA-256 support in KafkaConnection

  • KafkaConnection now supports SCRAM-SHA-256 SASL connection mechanism to the bootstrap servers.
  • The work was delivered with cooperation with aiokafka.


  • Experimental feature that is able to speed up KafkaSink by 10 times, while losing reliability of processed data.

ILM mechanism support in ElasticSearchSink

  • BitSwan now supports ILM rollover mechanisms in ElasticSearch module, using an index alias.

Other changes

  • Index, ID and version can be specified in context for ElasticSearchSink
  • MongoDB connection fixes
  • Code refactoring

About the Author

Premysl Cerny

Premysl is senior developer in LibertyAces

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