BitSwan Features v2001

BitSwan Features v20.01, launched on 11th of February 2020

New features v20.01:

MySQLLookup + AsyncLookup

  • MySQLLookup inherits from AsyncLookup so the long loadin from cache doesn't kill external connections
  • Usage in bspump-mysql-lookup example


  • This is needed e. g. for a propagation of the throttling from child pipelines back to their ancestors
  • Updates bspump-router example


  • This source processes inserted event synchronously.

Remove web argument (-w)

  • This argument has been moved to ASAB

New examples

  • bspump-direct-source

Other changes

  • Pipeline.inject is synchronous method now
  • Kafka Source has option max_records - number of records to fetch
  • Threshold analyzer raises error when boundaries not set
  • BSKibana has option to specify which index to use
  • Fix: IteratorSource is not iterable (thanks @bedlaj)
  • Fix: TimeWindowMatrix.close_row keyword arguments
  • Cast KafkaSink parameters (thanks @bedlaj)
  • Fix: unreachable code in pipeline (thanks @bedlaj)

Breaking changes


  • All endpoints without prefix /bspump/v{X}/ are depricated and will be removed in future versions.
  • List of new endpoints
    • /bspump/v1/pipelines
    • /bspump/v1/example/trigger
    • /bspump/v1/example/internal
    • /bspump/v1/lookup
    • /bspump/v1/lookup/{lookup_id}
    • /bspump/v1/lookup/{lookup_id}/meta
    • /bspump/v1/metric
    • /bspump/v1/metric/{metric_id}
    • /bspump/v1/manifest

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