BitSwan Features v1911

BitSwan Features v1911, launched on 19th of November 2019

New features v1911:

bspump.lookup.Index, BitMapIndex, TreeRangeIndex, SliceIndex

Indexes are optimization for complex lookups, based on matrixes. To speed up the search for discreet and finite values there is BitMapIndex, which returns the set of matrix rows, where search value is an input, set is an output. To speed up the range search (value between some start and end), there is SliceIndex, which contains for each value [min, min + interval, min+2interval, ..., max] sets of matrix rows.


Threshold Analyzer is based on TimeWindowAnalyzer and detects, if any monitored value exceeded or subceeded the preconfigured bounds.


Allows user to store processed events on ssh/ftp server in a file


Source to call a subprocess, capture output and pass it as event to Pipeline.


Source for capturing packets over network. Requires tshark to be installed.

New examples:

  • bspump-csvsink-periodic
  • bspump-net-flow
  • bspump-ssh-sink
  • bspump-subprocess
  • bspump-threshold-analyzer

Other changes

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