BitSwan Features v1905

BitSwan Features v1905, launched on 1st of June 2019

New features v1905:

Out-of-band module

The new bspump.oob module allows to perform long synchronous operations "out-of-band" e.g. out of the synchronous processing within the pipeline. It uses OOBESink to extract the events from the pipeline and OOBEEngine to process them asynchronously.

File Source Encoding

Encoding of the input file can be specified in all sources based on FileABCSource. It is read by the source from the configuration from encoding option.

Kafka key support in KafkaSink

KafkaSink allows to specify Kafka key when sending the event to the output Kafka system. It can be specified in the context dictionary in kafka_key attribute.


KafkaMultiSink is a sink processor that allows to put events to different Kafka topics based on specification in the context dictionary as kafka_topic attribute.

Matrices are top objects (like pipelines, lookups and connections)

The BSPumpService contains add_matrix and locate_matrix methods, so the matrices can be shared among processors like analyzers.

Name refactoring of "MatrixContainer" objects to "Matrix"

AMQP module compatible with Pika 1.0.0

Fixes in implementation of the Generator

About the Author

Premysl Cerny

Premysl is senior developer in LibertyAces

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