BitSwan Features v1904

BitSwan Features v1904, launched on 1st of May 2019

New features v1904:


A new sink processor is added to output the incoming events to email messages, to be sent to a configured address with a configured subject.


It is now possible to create an in-memory database based on GPS coordinates associated with events. The coordinates are assigned to an internal grid with configured width and height (f. e. 1 km per 1 km) for each element, hence forming a matrix. It works in a similar way to the SessionAnalyzer, except that the key to internal storage is not a session ID, but a GPS coordinate.

Content Filter

Content Filter is a new processor that allows users to use the MongoDB query language and its commands (i. e. $or, $gte etc.) to select events (methods do_on_hit and do_on_miss) for further processing or for any kind of differentiation.

MySQLSink bulk operations

MySQLSink now allows users to perform bulk operations, namely inserting more values to the MySQL database at once.

Code documentation

The alpha version of SPHINX documentation was added to the GitHub repository, namely to doc subfolder.

BSKibana index patterns name fix

Index patterns with inconsistent names, which could cause issues with data selection in Kibana, are not automatically fixed while doing the compile command.

About the Author

Premysl Cerny

Premysl is senior developer in LibertyAces

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