Smart operations - software products that focus your business energy.


Organizations that adopt a software innovation become more efficient, have lower operating expenses, and can respond more quickly to changes in the market. This opens the door to significantly enhanced customer service and growth in revenue for your company.

Our commitment is to help our client organizations to liberate themselves from slow, inefficient processes that have lost their original purpose over time. Through this collaboration, we can evolve in a way that better serves our customers and proves a tangible benefit to the greater community.

Our mission is to build innovative software products that free people from repetitive and boring tasks and shift that work to machines.

The Team

Tomas Dolezal

My vision is to create great products that provide the customer with substantial value.

My experience
  • 10 years director in corporations
  • 10 years CxO in startups
  • Technology visioner

Vladimira Teskova

My vision is helping others, respectively I love to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at first place.

My experience
  • Startup COO
  • Techstars Alumni
  • 7 years experience in Mobile Carries Ops
  • Awarded as one of the Czech Top Woman 2016 in startup category and 2017 as an entrepreneur

Michal Dvorak

My Vision is to help a large companies to be better, using progressive principles.

My experience
  • IT development Director - GTS
  • CIO / CTO - Mobilkom
  • CIO - eurowag
  • CIO - O2 Czech Republic

Ales Teska

My Vision is to build a great software products for a better world.

My experience
  • 10 years corporate experience
  • Startup Founder & CEO
  • Techstars Alumni
  • Software developer by hear